Follow Up: Does This Say "Love"?


Reader Kitsune has emailed me the follow up with New Tribe Tattoo after she sent them a letter stating the mistake(s) they have done. The diplomatic exchange ends with New Tribe Tattoo’s final statement:

“Hey, here's a portion of the flash sheet [shown above] that this design was taken from, written out by an Asian gentleman. We do not read or write the language and we do warn clients to have it verified BEFORE getting it tattooed. We tattoo kanji in good faith, but like I said, we do not speak the language... It is the customer's responsibility before they put it on their body, no? If you want, you can post this page to that forum [Hanzi Smatter] for others to see. We also have the full set available for viewing in the shop!”

Personally I am curious about the identity of the calligrapher, also known as the “Asian Gentleman”.

The moral of the story: Buyer Beware.

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