"Forever Protector of Old Ladies"


Perhaps the character in the red circle is a Japanese phonetic translation, but there is no character in Chinese vocabulary has and combined together. When they are separated, the character on the left has multiple meanings depends on the context. It usually means “dusk” or “evening”. The character on the right means “female”.

In Chinese, it could either mean “evening woman” (prostitute? call girl? escort?) or “old woman” (dying woman?), since people always associate sunset and dusk with old age.

The top two characters on his back are (to protect, to guard) and (eternal). Therefore his tattoo would mean “[to] forever protect evening/old/dying woman” in Chinese.

It would be great if he actually works as a call girl’s body guard or in a nursing home taking care of dying old ladies.

Here is another screw up by the same tattoo studio. (hell) is missing a dot. Rock on, you moron.


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