New Year's Resolution

For those who are seeking suggestions on new year's resolution, may I suggest stop getting tattoos from these templates?

Especially the infamous "Asian Font" seen here, aka. English alphabet in gibberish Chinese.

Joanne Raine's "Supermarket" Tattoo

Apparently the big story across the pond in UK is a girl's tattoo. A young girl named Joanne Raine got her boyfriend's nickname tattooed on her with Chinese characters at a dodgy tattoo shop. Of course, they have since then broke up & the tattoo is not exactly the boy's name.

News links via BBC, The Northern Echo, & video via LiveLeak

The phrase "supermarket" is 超級市場 or abbreviated to 超市 in Chinese. I have no idea how and why was interpreted as "supermarket" in the news clips.

Update: Dec. 13, 2007 - I have emailed BBC regarding the error of interpreting as "supermarket" .


Johan and I had a good laugh at this website called Kanjix, where its motto is "A good KANJI name for you."

Besides the Engrish plastered all over the site, their kanji examples are not what I would call professional quality.

We are both curious who would pay $19 for 800 pixel size jpeg & additional $9.50 for PDF (Why not just use PDFCreator, it is FREE!).

I suggest their slogan should be changed to:

(Engrish + Eihongo) * $ = Kanjix!

Update: I find it to be very ironic that Google Adsense is posting an ad about Kanjix.

First Post

lots of fun new project that i'm trying my best to stay on top of. hopefully this blog will not only give people a chance to see what i'm working on as well as the process, but keep me motivated to keep posting, therefor working/producing.

living in vancouver gave me a bunch of time to draw, paint, and prepare projects that i never had the finances or time to follow through with.

i'm putting some of those "lost projects" to use and going to be printing some skateboards in the near future. the project is moving along better than i could have hoped for. i met up with randy from olive skateboards a few days ago and picked up 5 blank decks to get the project going. they're beautiful! beautiful unfinished woodgrain to them which will hopefully be key to the design.... so excited not to have to do any prep sanding!

the first painting is done, second one is on paper ready to line...

there will be 5 different skateboard i hope to have made fairly soon. 4 will be limited to between 15-25 each, the fifth will be more an open or bigger run. just need to meet up with randy to discuss printing options, and things should be moving...

i've also had the chance to make it out to the mountains twice already this year. that's already once more than last year. i went up to jasper 2 weeks ago for the day. it was beautiful, sunny, and there was snow to ride. great day.

last week, i went up to lake louise and spent the night at the hostel. i had the biggest communal room i've ever seen to myself. obviously i stayed in the loft...

another bonus to the rooms seems to be they each are named after a mountain, and have an amazing 1970's technicolor photo of said mountain. this is Mt. Hector.
i have i picture of pika peak too, maybe i'll dig it up and post it later.

more to be said about the hostel then the day on the mountain can't be good. where there was snow, i guess it was good, where there wasn't snow destroyed my board. i've never taken a chunk out right to the wood core of the board. by the end of the day at least is was snowing a ton...
no mountains this week due to board repair... just working on the skateboards.....
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