Yesterday I made a quick stop to the Yellowhead Brewery to grab a few bottles for my trip.  Beer so fresh, it has to be labeled for me.  Excellent.
The labels were accidentally printed without the alcohol content, so the get upside down stickers
A few things you may see if you make the 11.5 hour drive from Edmonton to Penticton via Calgary, Banff, Golden, Revelstoke


Unfortunately, I'm just that guy... I can not pack in advance... I always have to do all of my packing at the absolute last minute before leaving on a trip....

Thus... I have nothing to blog about tonight... and even less time to do so...

You know what that means?  Yup,  cat photo tonight.


I was backing up my iPhone today before my trip, just in case, and found this picture I took about a week ago.  I think it pretty much sums up how the whole city feels...
A few years ago I tried to make a machine rack for my drawer so my machines were a bit more organized.  Being that I don't have the appropriate tools, and I'm far from a carpenter, the one I made worked but was beyond ugly.  It also only held 6 machines.  I've been asking clients if they could make me something new, something a bit nicer, and something a bit more functional for a while now, and finally someone came through!!!!
Solange brought me a beautiful new machine rack for my drawer today.  Super awesome.   I've literally had a half dozen people say it would be no problem at all to make, draw out little tumbnails, take extensive measurements, want to make it out of wood, metal...  and then never speak of it again.   She literally took one look a the drawer, took 2 quick measurements, didn't even write them down, and had it made and in my hands in under a week.   I'm beyond happy with it!
 Cherry Wood base... beveled edging...pretty damn nice...
 Finally, I saw these in Shoppers Drug Mart tonight... What the hell are these.... seriously....why?


Help!  I found this bird today while searching randomly on the internet.  Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?  Please leave a comment or email me if you know.  It would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks!


Three more days until I hit the road to replenish our wine cellar... or I guess more accurately, our wine crawl space... Either way I'll be leaving this Wednesday and working in Penticton March 31 to April 4th.  I still have a few openings for smaller, fun tattoos.  Get in touch if you're interested.


I was checking my facebook feed today and was extremely happy when one of my favorite tattooist posted that he is horrible at taking photos and shoots hundreds of photos just to get one that kinda turns out semi okay.  Makes me feel a bit better about my lack of photography skills. 

First appointment today, flash burn over the whole thing.  15 photos, all of them crap.

Second appointment today, much better results.   I've been tattooing Noel since he was 17 years old.  I love tattooing Noel.  Always a good time with that kid.  We coloured the fox sunburst thing today and the roses.


I've just spent 2 hours answering as many emails as possible and want nothing more than to get off this computer asap.

Today at the studio, Amy's deer backpiece.  We finished back end of the deer which happens to be on her ribs, which is an area I'm sure Amy is super happy to be finished with.  Then we jumped over and worked on the head of the deer for a bit.  It's coming together pretty quick now.  Super tough girl and getting lots done in 3 hour appointments.  Pretty awesome.


 I'm unbelievably tired tonight and had set the goal of being in bed by 10:00pm.  I was 2 seconds away from getting into bed and then remembered.... the blog...

I guess I'll use this time to say that if you're waiting for a response to an email you've sent, hang in there.  I'm trying to as hard as I can to make time to get to all of the emails sent to me over the last few weeks, but they keep piling up so fast and I'm finding there is less and less time to respond now that spring has arrived and everyone wants to get tattooed.  Thanks again to everyone who is patiently waiting for a response.

I do this every time I "take time off" of work.  I'll be leaving for a work trip to Penticton next week and have completely overbooked myself leading up to that trip to make up for the lost days.  Between working extra hours, working on days off, working on extra drawings, and trying to keep up with emails... I'm exhausted....

ANYWAYS...  Today was pretty awesome.  I tattooed my friend Adam and was lucky enough to finally tattoo a lighthouse.  Not only a light house, but a lighthouse with roses and a message in a bottle.  What does that message say?  Help?  Save me?  I'm lost?  I miss you?  I loved you?  I guess we'll never know...
Okay, it's 10:11pm now... time for bed....


New Timber Timbre in 2 weeks... pretty awesome...


Tattooed a super fun traditional tattoo on my friend Steve today.  I've really been into doing these little colour studies for traditional tattoos lately.  Since the photo of the tattoo turned out horribly, I decided to post the paintings as well.
 My camera is officially grounded as of today.  It takes crappy pictures, and now the battery will not hold a charge to the point that I can't even take one photo before it dies.  The next tattoo I do I'll be testing out my wife's point and shoot until I can purchase something a bit better.


Finally had some free time tonight to put the new flash set up on my webstore.  $100 gets you 6 sheets of flash immaculately printed on card stock.
  When Teagan and I were in Amsterdam for our honeymoon this past September, I took a bunch of photos of all the old hand painted flash on the walls at Tattoo Peter in Amsterdam while Teagan was getting tattooed. The designs are far too good to sit on a memory card, so I assembled my favorite designs into flash sheets and repainted them as close to the originals as possible.


Teagan and I have officially been our house for a full year now.  Pretty awesome.  There were definitely times in my life that I thought I'd never be able to own a house.
Finished a half sleeve this morning.  Danny had great advice for the background which was far better than our original plan and saved Doug a bunch of time under the needle.  Unfortunately it was so shinny after tattooing, I didn't even attempt the photo.

My afternoon appointment was adding another small piece to Sandy's collection.  These small tattoos to fill random spaces are super fun to tattoo.  Filled this space with a classic Sailor Jerry style mermaid.
Pretty awesome that the mermaid is under the ship.  We may still add a bit of background... or more small tattoos.  I feel Sandy's far from done getting tattooed....
from: JAMES H.
to: tiangotlost@gmail.com
date: Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 8:15 AM
subject: Young & Dumb

A friend got me this tattoo years ago and I was told it meant "fear no man". Being young and dumb as most 18 year olds are, I didn't bother to make sure. Now after looking into it a little more, I'm not sure what it is. Please help!!

棺材佬 means "coffin man".

However, the middle character of 木見才 or 木貝才 does not exist in Chinese character list.

Tattoos with exact same error can be seen here & here.

Cool Cross Tattoos For Boys

Cool Cross Tattoos Design Ideas

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Today was a long day.... The first tattoo I did was earlier this morning, a quick script piece on Tammie's forearm that took just over an hour.  I took photos but there's a huge flash burn going right through the middle...

Then I had to wait a few hours until my good friend Jon came in to add another piece to his arm.  Without even telling him, I just took the liberty of shaving his Mom heart and dagger so I could get a healed photo.  Hopefully he doesn't read this blog because next time I tattoo him I'm going to jump back down there and touch it up a bit.
Then we spend a bit of time adding a piece in his ditch.  When I don't get much direction from the client as to what to draw and how it should look... things get tend to get a bit weird....  Jon's awesome because he's always down to get crazy stuff done in crazy colours.  He's definitely real man and not scared to have a bunch of pink in his tattoos.  Next session we'll add a bit of color to the bottom jaw and colour the other rose.
Unfortunately I didn't take photos of the new flash I'll have for sale and upload them to the web shop tonight.  Teagan and I went to visit our friend's new apartment after work and now it's late and now I'm tired.  Soon...


Picked up the flash sets today from the printer, pretty excited.  As always they turned out great,  the colours are exactly the same as the paintings.  I'll get them up on the webshop tomorrow after work.


Started Kevin's lower 1/2 sleeve today.  We got way more than I expected done in 3hrs.   I know he had dreams of try to do the whole thing in one session, but sat extremely well considering this was his first tattoo and I was working fairly quickly and aggressively.  The peony was super fun, I don't think I've ever done a blue peony before.  Next session we'll finish shading the phoenix and add a bit of red and yellow, as well as possibly add another peony just below his elbow.   Good times.


If I was to try to imagine what my email's inbox might look like if it were a real desk it would currently look something like thisSpring upon us. This is by far the busiest time of year for me as both new and old clients are filling up my inbox daily trying to get tattooed "before summer starts."

I'm just going to rattle off a few FAQ's

Yes, I am still only one person.
Yes, there is a limit to how many times I can check and respond to emails in one day.
Yes, I did get your email but haven't had the time to respond yet.
Yes, I will get to every email in my inbox so there is no need to send the same email to me 2-3 times in one week.
Yes, unfortunately there are only so many clients and projects I can take on in one time.
No, unfortunately I can't get you in if there is already an appointment booked the day you'd like to get tattooed.
And finally ...
Yes, everyone wants a weekend appointments so they are limited and book FAR further in advance than weekdays. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it.

Your patience is appreciated.

That's my rant for today....Deep breath.... (cue relaxing music)


This morning I was supposed to tattoo the colour study I worked on last night, but didn't. Maybe more on that tomorrow. Instead I did a bunch of running around, and then at 5:00pm decided to make use of the extra hour of day light and go for a quick ski. It was beautiful out today. Really warm, light wind, sunny... Pretty amazing that the sun stays up until about 8:00pm now...


Even though I finished an amazingly fun tattoo today on one of my favorite clients/friends, I unfortunately don't have time to edit or post photos tonight. I'm working on finishing this colour study for a cover up tomorrow. The black's done... on to the colour...


The Godoy machines Banana II is a very unique machine. From every internal feature to each and every external characteristic. The way this machines runs is specific to it's design. Not just the frame / sub frame specifications but the internal workings of wire turns, gauges, capacitor, coil core material and more...

When taking a run of these frames and sub frames to our finisher, we originally wanted a brass finish. Due to the darkness of the steel frame parts, the finisher recommended a gold plating. This is real gold. It turned out way better than we could ever have expected. The already beautiful lines of this machine look thousands of times more impressive in the highly polished gold plating.

We only had 8 made and are selling this limited run machine for $600.00 each.

For serious inquiries by professional tattoo artists in shops, email us at: info@godoymachines.com


When we left for work this morning, there was an unusual amount of water in the alley a few houses down from us. When I got home I quickly figured out that there was a water main break and the water to our house has been turned off. I guess this is our water supply for the next little bit. I'm tired and going to bed.


Today was a pretty awesome day at the studio. I finished the lower part of Ben's arm, meaning we touched up his had and a bit of the camera, added the film details, and added a bit of background colour bursts. I had to stop myself with the background blue about half way up since he's already planning the top half of his arm. I wish I could have posted pictures of the backside of his arm, but I ALWAYS zoom in and forgot to keep the full hand in the photo, which looked stupid when you put them all together. The photos are also a bit shinny, but you get the general idea. Can't wait to get healed photos in about a month.In other news, there are only 3 of the Amsterdam prints left... they seem to be disappearing way quicker than I expected. Thanks to everyone who bought one. I'll hopefully have something new by the end of the month.

Tattoo Design For Women

This lens is about design help for women looking to get a tattoo as well as other helpful tips. I currently work in a studio doing piercings and learning the art of tattooing.

Tattoo designs for women should be something that looks like a work of art to highlight and regal their body’s natural beauty and femme subtleness. That made female flocks to lead fashion revolutions by being the vessel for each era’s tide of trend shifts. Tattoo is among the indelible fashion and meaningful art statements that women skin carries. But unlike clothing items, accessory pieces, or make up, tattoo designs when inked on a woman signifies a lifetime choice. That is the condition with tattoos which make it eternally a source of curiosity about each bearer.
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