3rd Post

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! so yesterday my new CX-2 power supply arrived in the mail. like 95% of their recent sales, i'd assume, i came to find this unit through aaron cain's ebay auctions. it looked amazing, so i took the chance (not much of one if aaron backs it) and placed an order.

i tattooed with it today and it is AWESOME!!!! it's sits vertically and is THIN for a power supply. i ordered two mounting brackets, and used the vertical suction cup model today, and it held like a rock. i was quite sure i'd be trying to catch a falling power supply with in 5 mins, but after 2 hrs of tattooing, i actually had to get my fingers under the suction cups before i could remove it from the table. this is a relief because a) falling power supplies have a tendency to break, and i did not want that to happen the first time using it, and b) there is no dial, so you are required to push on the controls a bit to increase or decrease the power.

the whole unit fits in a wash bag no problem, making it by far the cleanest and easiest power supply i've ever used to bag against cross contamination. the input jacks for power, clipcord, footswitch are well thought out, and point down, and stay locked into place. i made sure to give it a good pull before starting tattooing, and not only did all the cords stayed locked in place, but the suction cups kept the unit 100% solid. it for sure was not going anywhere, and did not move the whole time i was tattooing. clean up was as easy as removing the bag at the end of the tattoo. no tape, no barrier film, no need to cut finger off gloves to cover the dial...

i also ordered the right side mount bracket with magnets. it just so happens i have a magnet board next to my work space to test it out. i had the exact same result as the suction cups. i had to be careful removing the bracket because the 4 magnets are obviously neodymium. i was actually worried at one point that i might remove the magnet board from the wall by trying to pull the mount, so i opted to slide the magnets off instead. both the suction cups and magnets can be removed EASILY with an allen key and your fingers, so you can use the 4 holes to mount it to a wall using screws, or my favorite, 3M commander strips!

as for function, again, AMAZING. it was a bit weird at first not having a dial and using push button arrows to increase or decrease the volts. however, it didn't matter much, because the unit has 2 or 4 machine memory. i had 4 machines set up, and once i had their volts dialed in, it was a push of a button to switch from small liner, to medium liner, to large liner, to mag, back to medium liner..... i honestly thought i wouldn't use this feature much when looking at the specs online. it now seems like the best feature. so, so simple and fast to go from machine to machine.

now my FAVORITE feature is that you can totally change how you use your footswitch. anyone who's been in the room while i'm tattooing might realize that once the tattooing starts, my machines don't turn off much. i like running them constantly, no matter if their in the skin or not. after long days tattooing, my foot will for sure be sore just from having to have it on a a switch all day. the second thing i hate, it's another wire that make you feel like you're on a short leash.

with the CX-2 you can run your footswitch traditionally, where as the power is on when your foot is on the button, and it turns off once you remove your foot. with the CX-2, you can change it so your footswitch becomes more of an ON/OFF button instead. i used it all day set up that way, and it was amazing! at first i had it right next to my foot, like i normally would, but was just taping it on and off as i pleased. then i realized, there's no need for it to be even near me while i'm working. i kicked it back under the work table and WOW, FREEDOM! (and a happy foot)

this little power house has many more great features, but those were some of my first impressions after tattooing today. if i haven't said it enough, it's AWESOME. this thing is a small computer, you can change almost any variable on it. it truly felt like every feature had a purpose that was useful and designed with the idea that not tattoos the same. this machine unit gives you control over most of your variables, as well as choices.

lastly, the until looks slick. it looks like a simple, well thought out, well designed piece of medical equipment. i've always tried to hide or keep my power supply far away from my work space in the past because it always looks like it should not be there, or is in the way, or wrapped up in plastic so awkwardly to keep it clean. the CX-2 does not look out of place at all on your work station. it looks like it should be there, like it belongs on your workspace, and AGAIN, they've taken into consideration that not everyone's workspace is set up the same, so you have many choices on how you'd like to mount it.

i guess i must finish this up by saying in no way is this an add or am i working with or for critical tattoo supply. i am passionate about tattooing and loving seeing progress made in our trade. i honestly feel like this is progress for tattooists, and can make your job that much easier, while looking more presentable to your clients. it is a well designed, well thought out, functional piece of equipment. I hadn't heard anything about it other than aaron posting that he liked it, placed an order, and have fallen in love with it with in 2hrs of tattooing with it.

nice work critical tattoo supply! A++++

for more info, check them out online at criticaltattoo.com.

....i guess this was a post mainly for other tattooist... sorry... i'm really excited about this unit...

2nd Post, finally.....

...i know, i know.... what can i say, progress can be slow sometimes. there's been a lack of blogging because i've been trying to get a few things off the ground. let's get to it!

March 7-9 Ink Machine will be attending the Regina Tattoo Convention. Danny's fairly booked up from what i know, i have time available if anyone's interested in getting tattooed. Email me. i also hope to have a handful of goodies at our booth. stop by and visit us!

i've had quite a few emails wondering when the skateboards will be ready. the simple answer is, i don't know. i wish i did....

the long answer is it should have been done by now. i have the art done, made the mock ups on the blanks, took the art in to be scanned, and emailed them to Olive Skateboards, who was going to do the printing, to get a final quote and finish up the process....and that's the last i've heard from them. i've emailed them, asking them to tell me if what i wanted was not possible, or if they were no longer interested in working on the project.... Nothing. so i guess it's kinda on hold until i can find a new printer interested on working on the project.

T-Shirts are one the way. the shirts are paid for and should be delivered in 3-4 days. i picked up the screens the other day from Stanley's Screen Printing. great people over there. super helpful, super friendly, and they have 2 shop cats. Awesome!

they did a great job on the screens. being in a screen printing supply store gets me all giddy. i love screen printing. it's what i wanted to do before i discovered tattooing. can't wait to get those shirts and go to work on them!

i also picked up supplies to print vinyl stickers, something i've never tired until the other day. WAY harder than printing shirts, i did not expect it to be so different..... i'd say i got about 20 good stickers printed, and maybe 50 that were a nightmare. although it was a bit of a disaster, it was a learning experience, and i'm excited to have another go at it this week. the main let down, the clean up was way harder, longer, and messier than when printing shirts. ugghhh....

well, i guess that wasn't the main let down with sticker printing day. what looked like a minor slip has ended up putting Teagan in bed, drugged up on pain killers the last 2-3 days, having strained her back. how? carrying the box of ink and solvent for printing from Stanley's to the car, slipping on some ice. the trooper took one for the team and didn't go down, saving the box of supplies, but wrenched her back good in the process. needless to say, i feel horrible about the whole thing....

if you missed it, last week, i updated some new tattoo photos on both my site as well as the Ink Machine site. i've got a few more done projects photographed, just waiting to be photoshoped together. hopefully get to that this week.....

no photos this post, i didn't feel like putting off this updating thing any longer. maybe tomorrow i'll try to do a photo post. besides, I kinda feel like maybe i jinxed the skateboard thing by showing it off before it was set in stone. like saying "shut out" out loud in the third period when your up 3-0......

3rd post will be sooner than later, promise!


Two Women Under One Roof

A few days ago reader Glenn emailed me a clip of NBC's television series, Life. The episode's title is "Farthingale".


In this clip, Detective Crews (Damian Lewis) is telling his partner that "the Chinese symbol for 'war' is two women under one roof".

This absolutely incorrect & there is no such character in Chinese dictionaries.

Matter of fact, this somewhat sexist proverb originated from English in 1417. The original quote in Old English was:
Two wymen in one howse,
Two cattes and one mowce,
Two dogges and one bone,
Maye never accorde in one.

Western Folklore, Vol. 16, No. 2 (Apr., 1957), pp. 121-124, doi:10.2307/1497029

In the book titled "A Short History of the Chinese People" by L. Carrington Goodrich (ISBN 1406769762), it has stated that "there is no such character exist in Chinese dictionaries".

As Dr. Kelley L. Ross (interesting trivia: Dr. Ross is the nephew of R. L. Les Kelley, the founder of Kelley Blue Book) pointed out on his website:
It is sometimes said that the Chinese character for "trouble" shows two women under one roof. Such a character is possible, and would look like this , but there actually is no such Chinese character, though I understand that the myth lives on the internet.
The way I suspect how this hoax spread so rapidly is because the Chinese character for peace & tranquil is , which illustrates a woman 女 under the roof.

However, someone has decided to piece two cultural & linguistic references together to make a joke:
"You know the Chinese character for peaceful or tranquil is , one woman under a roof. Do you know what the character for war is?"

"Two women under one roof?"


All right people, let's put an end to this urban myth!

Continental Airline's Ad with Chinese

I was in George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) last Friday & saw this advertisement for Continental Airlines.

The translation for Chinese is not exactly correct, or incorrect.

This is because 我的头发冷 can be read in two ways:

1. 我的头发+冷 means "my hair is cold", which is not "my head is cold".

2. 我的头+发冷 means "my head is getting cold".

Whether this was done intentionally or not, it is indeed clever.

Like Father, Like Son

Over three years ago, my friend John Pasden sent me a tattoo photo he took of an Australian acquaintance. The tattoo was "Death before Dishonor" in Chinese, however the orientation of characters was reversed, therefore the youngman is proudly displaying "[I] rather to be a coward than die honorably" on his forearm.

A few days ago, I took a peek at BMEzine's tattoo gallery and saw this:


is a Chinese idiom which means "like father, like son". Once again, the orientation of characters are reversed & the phrase is now gibberish.

His father must be really proud of his idiot son.
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