Back at the studio today.  Easy day, tattooed for a couple hours and finished Shalyn's cover up.

Hollywood Tattoo Design

Hollywood Tattoo Design

For tattoo lover I bet that you already know the name of Kat the Hollywood tattoo Von D. She is the Hollywood class tattoo maker and her clients are the world celebrity included Dakota Fanning. Dakota oust her to make the tattoo. Unfortunately it is not a permanent tattoo, so that she can erase it in any time. Dakota signed a contract that she can not make a tattoo on her skin forever.


Worked at the computer today... all... day... long...  Photoshop.... ugh...

But the good thing is that I'm almost done going through over 2 years of raw picture files and editing 4-5 pictures into one.  I need to take a few more healed photos of certain tattoos, and then I'll finally be ready to print a new portfolio and do a massive update to my website.   I'm setting myself a deadline for next week.

By next Wednesday, I want to have everything done and sent off to the printers.  It's such an easy trap to fall into;  saying to yourself "I'll just wait until I get photos of this tattoo, then I'll print a new book... I'll just wait until I get healed photos of THIS tattoo... and then I'll update the website..."  So no more waiting.  By next Wednesday, a new book will be in the works.

Here's one of many photos that will be included.  Neal's sleeve has been done for.... well... a long time now.... No reason not to have photos of it up.
from: Gunnar
to: tiangotlost@gmail.com
date: Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 11:16 AM
subject: Funny tattoo "Ride Hard Die Free"


I stumbled across this tattoo online, and I haven't seen on your blog before. It is supposed to say "Ride Hard Die Free" but as you can see Google Translate made a creative interpretation of the phrase. I hope you enjoy it!


Thank you for a great blog!


Grammatically speaking, this tattooed phrase is Chinese, however its translation back to English is far from "Ride Hard Die Free".

Granted, 免費 does mean "free of charge", 乘坐 does mean "riding, or being passenger", does mean "hard", but or 硬模 is not verb for "die, or dying". Rather it is the noun "die" as in "die-casting" or "die-molding".

I guess this young man is quite proud and wants everyone to know he enjoys "freely shoving die-casted figurines up his ass"?


Tattoos on Wrist

Tattoos on Wrist

Wrist tattoos come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and most importantly: symbolic meanings. Below is a list of the most common categories of wrist tattoo symbols. Click on any to learn more about their significance as well as origins.
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