Post 24- Big White

Teagan and I took a few day off and drove the 10hr drive up to Big White for some winter fun.  I love the Okanagan Valley. Great weather, amazing wine, and Teagan made her first strides towards learning to snowboard. The best pic is of Teagan on the chairlift back to the hotel.  Hopefully I'll be able to make it back out in March before the end of the season.  

Post 23

That's right, I'm stealing the idea of using a slideshow from the Analog Weather Report. Thanks guys.

First 2 are photos Teagan took of our backyard before the -40 arrived. I like how the snow is collecting on the new fence.

Darren and Sherry V. were in town for the new year. I worked on Darren's arm for about 3-4 hrs, finishing it up the bamboo fountains and starting some of the touch ups. One more touch up session to go.

Then I had the pleasure of tattooing a caricature of Sherry's cat Pete as a kitten baking cupcakes. This tattoo holds a special place in my heart. I have my cats tattooed on my feet. Cats are awesome. Loving you cats so much you get tattoos of them is even better.

The next day I tattooed a goat head on Dan's leg. Fun stuff.

from: Ben O.
to: Tian
date: Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 8:32 PM
subject: Please tell me my friend's tattoo means "understand"

Hi Tian,

I hope you don't mind me asking, but my friend just got this tattoo and says it means "listen/understand". I've seen enough of Hanzi Smatter to cringe even before I know how bad it is. What's the verdict?

Ben O.

We don't really want to beat up on this lovely lady and her cute tattoo too much, but the fact is that the character by itself probably does not mean quite what she thinks it does.

First, we have to decide whether the tattoo is supposed to be in Chinese or Japanese.

If it is supposed to be Chinese, a single character is fine, but the Chinese meaning of the character is more like "to bear, to carry" or "to undertake" or "to receive." But none of these meanings is even close to the intended meaning of "listen/understand."

If it is supposed to be Japanese, the single character does not have much meaning, but rather if it is supposed to be a verb, it must be written with two characters: 承る. Now this verb has various meanings and some of them are somewhat close to "listen" or "understand," but mostly the word is used as a very humble and polite way to agree with the other person in a conversation, so one might say 承ります when one means "I hear you" or "I understand your point." It is really nothing like "listen."

We guess this is the only way we could stretch the meaning of to something like "hear" or "understand" but we don't think is really what they meant and even that is a stretch because the verb marker is missing from 承る.

So unfortunately, this is a case of "close but no cigar."

Ben, give our best regards and sincere commiseration to the unfortunately tattooed friend.

Post 22- Happy New Year 09!

Happy New Year everyone!

A new year, a new blog color, some new projects and ideas. Hopefully everyone has had sometime off to reflect and ready to take on a new year. i'm excited.

see you soon....

from: Tomas
date: Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 1:08 PM
subject: hanzi smatter

Hello, Thought I should send this contribution to your (awesome) blog. Found it on a Swedish community site, the proud owner of the tattoo claims that it says "GUN" (a Swedish female given name, not the thing you use to shoot people). I'm not good enough at Chinese to figure it out, but it seems like complete nonsense to me...

Since I was busy converting my DVD collection for Argosy HV358T-00500 HDD media player, I let Alan to take a crack at it:

Hah! How on earth is supposed to be GUN? Is there yet another bogus "Chinese alphabet" out there?

means more like "inside the giant mortar." (Here, the "mortar" is the thing you use together with a pestle to crush things like grain or medicine. It is not the weapon.)

The things that people decide to get tattooed onto their bodies never cease to amaze.
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