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A word from the wise, if you're REALLY excited to take a photo of something, make sure your camera's batteries are charged...... like if you're about to finish a really cool deer tattoo...... yes, I finished Kim's deer, but didn't even get one photo.... lesson learned....

So how about a few iPhone photos. They're really neat too.
Here's one of me tattooing Teagan's mom.
And one of her Dad waiting patiently for us to be done.

A few days ago Teagan and I wanted to spend a bit of time with the beautiful fall trees. I had the day off so I went out to Elk Island Park to see if they had fire pits for hot dogs and marshmallows. They do.

Toy Camera is a great application. It's always fun to see what the end result will be.
Before leaving, I realized that for the last week or so I've been driving around with a quart of wood, and axe, and a shovel in the back of my car. This makes me very happy. Very happy...

I picked Teagan up from work and we went back out to Elk Island for fire and BBQ. Two visits to Elk Island in one day, THIS made me very happy... VERY happy...
It was just getting nice and dark when we were visited by a buffalo.
I don't think this is a photo of Teagan seeing the buffalo, but let's pretend...

He was big, really big, so we packed up and left him to graze, just in case. I wish I snapped a photo of him, but again, he was really big, and only a few feet away... besides, we're on his turf, not the other way around. I respect the buffalo and their right to graze in private.

Post 36

There's been quite a bit of drawin' going on at the old log cabin the last few weeks, and new drawings mean new tattoos.

I love doing big tattoos, but there's also something extremely satisfying about doing one-shots. Start to finish, the client gets a tattoo in on sitting, I get a photo at the end. Awesomeness. Like Phil Holt said ' "Custom" is not synonymous with "huge" ', I couldn't agree more.

Today my friend Noel wanted a teacher tattoo, so that's what he got. He's a teacher. He already has a traditional skull on his other ankle by my friend Jesse Dicey. He got it a few years ago at the shop I owned in Vancouver, Free Range Studio, so I was more than happy to compliment that tattoo with a apple skull, complete with No 2 pencils (like the kind you used on the PXJTs, NUMBER TWOOOOOOO).

A week or two ago, Teagan's parents were in town for a short visit. Her Mom wanted to get her first tattoo. No problem.
Pretty sweet first tattoo. Start to finish none the less. Nice work Mom.

Both are photos of fresh tattoos, so please excuse the glare from the flash. Can't wait to get healed photos!

Tomorrow I get to finish Kim's deer. Super excited, can't wait.....
from: trellz
date: Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 12:13 PM
subject: tatoo submission

Should say stupid American, or stupid foreign person.

Picture 140

美国人 is Chinese for "American".

However 阿呆 (or あほ) is a localize dialect for "fool, jackass" in Japan's Kansai region. Where most Japanese would use 馬鹿 as "stupid". Also, 米囯人 is Japanese for "American".

is correct Chinese for "stupid".
In the latest issue of Wired magazine, there was a piece titled "10 Best Things We'll Say to Our Grandkids".


According to the magazine, English translation for #6 is:

"English used to be the dominant language. Crazy, huh?"

Dr. Mair and I both noticed the printed Chinese is not correct.

统治语言 (dominate language), is two English phrases spliced together with an odd sense of colonialism. 官方語言 (official language) or 國際語言 (international language) would be better fitting.

疯狂 does not have the same contextual meaning as "crazy", rather "frenzied, unbridled; insane". In this case, a better phrase would be "傻不傻", or "isn't that silly?"

Perhaps this is a nod to Firefly, where mixture of Chinese Mandarin phrases were added into the show's dialogue.


Post 35

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited out to Deadly Tattoos Inc. in Calgary to work with my friends. I had a great time. Truly an inspiring yet humbling trip. I didn't take too many photos because I was completely overwhelmed with all the action around me. At the end of the last day, I did remember to take out iPhone and snap a few.

James and Dan....
...and Dave

Dave painting one of the blanks I brought down

Dan Tattooin'
James Tattooin' Belinda who was in town from Switzerland
Next time I'm bringing my bike....
...parking lot out back of the hotel....
Thanks for the AMAZING week!

I'll be back in Calgary working at Deadly October 26-30. Email me or call the studio (403-264-3091) to book and apt.
from: Victor H. Mair
date: Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 12:00 PM
subject: tattoo

Hi Tian,

Perhaps you can post this for me on HANZISMATTER.



The attached picture, sent to me by Jonathan Smith, shows a basketball player's "Chinese" tattoos. They read 康女宀 from top to bottom: KANG1 ("peace, vigor") NÜ3 ("woman") MIAN2 ("shelter, thatch"). Yet the proud owner claims that they are "my initials in Chinese, M.A.D."

Marquis Antoine Daniels

My best guess as to how this may have happened is that the basketball player approached a tattooist who was minimally literate (or illiterate) in Chinese or English (or both) and showed him / her his initials, requesting the tattooist to "write them in Chinese symbols / characters / ideographs / hieroglyphs / pictographs / whatever." The initials may have been more or less ornately written, with the result that the tattooist came up with these three HANZI as his / her best representation of what he / she was seeing. For example, if you twist around in different orientations, you can sort of see an "A" there. Ditto for the other two HANZI.




Victor H. Mair, Professor of Chinese Language and Literature
Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
University of Pennsylvania

Welcome to the Log Cabin

I hope you enjoy your stay. I'm changing the format of the blog a bit. Hopefully as the leaves start to change colour, which they already have, there will be more and more activity around the log cabin. Photos, music, sketches, lots of fun...

I've also uploaded a new website. Have a look around. It's easy for me to publish and update right here from the log cabin, so there will be plenty more shenanigans over there as well. It's up and I'd say about 85% complete. Over the next few days I'll be opening up The Gift Shop.....

Thanks again for visiting,


Post 34

It's been a while.... this summer/August has been the busiest I've ever had. I'm way behind on answering emails, and I've fallen asleep while tying to edit photos for the blog on more than one occasion.

However, I guess being busy means being productive. I've finished a few bigger pieces and have gotten to tattoo some really fun 1-2 session tattoos, especially this last week.

I tattooed a deer with wheat blowing in the wind on Kim the other day. I Love this tattoo so much. Thanks Kim!!!

A few more from this summer...

more soon...
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