...Rhys came down to the studio today to get one big owl's head on his ribs.... and that's what he had a few hours later...


Worked on Rodney's chest today... I always get really shinny photos from his fresh tattoos...
Worked on Morgan's are today for a few hours, he decided no colour, just black and grey.  It's kinda hard to make the transition mentally when a client tells you he wants a colour tattoo at the time of the consultation, and then changes his mind after the outline and background are done.  The photo's shinny, but you get the idea.
Then more beers at the Sugar Bowl with Justin.  Awesome hanging out someone who's as if not more obsessive with tattooing/blogs as I am.




Snails are awesome, Teagan is super awesome.


Here's what I did the first 1/2 of my day, defrost our freezer.  The fridge is old... really old... but it's Hollywood Pink!

A SMALL portion of the ice I removed-

4 1/2  hours later-

Romantic Tattoos

Romantic Tattoos

Romantic tattoos celebrate anniversaries, the joy of being newlyweds, making a special bond or memorializing a lover. Heart tattoos are associated with the ultimate symbol of love, Eros, the God of Erotic Love. Take the classic image a step further by adding enhancements to the heart, using romantic words and alternating images that symbolize romance.


...just putting the finishing touches on a new printed portfolio.  I'll finish it up tonight and then send it off to print tomorrow... next up... website revamp....

Tattoo Design On Hip

Tattoo Design On Hip

One of the most sensitive areas on the body, many people are put off from the fact of getting a hip tattoo. A hip tattoo can leave the user with uneasy feelings when the needle is being used to.
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