Touched up Erica's flowers today and coloured her ladybug. Next session will be background and adding final touches. Erica's awesome... no wait... super awesome.
My Grandpa was an amazing man. He could and did fix everything under the sun. In his mid 20's, he lost his entire right arm fixing a hay baler on the farm. He retaught himself how to do everything using his left hand. He taught me how to draw on an old chalkboard they had, and I will never forget those times we spent together.

My Grandma's house still has a wall of his old cuckoo clock that he collected and fixed. For years I've been hinting that it would mean the world to me to have one hanging in my home. A few months ago she finally let us pick one off the wall, and today it came back from the Clock Doctor in perfect working order. This clock probably means more to me than I can ever express.


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