Lake Louise was AMAZING today. The hill was in great condition.... for Lake Louise.... the top was unbelievably windy, as usual, and the main areas were skied out to ice/rock.... But there was definitely fresh snow, and untouched pockets if you know where to look...

Remnants of good night of painting, pizza and winter aleI spent an hour and a half in this hot tub last nightBreakfast for the animalsBreakfast for meSummit Platter
Untouched lines...for now...Very HappyI took a few videos for Teagan with my iPhone. Just to prove there was epic powder to be found, here are a few screen shots.... It was almost hard to breath through the face shots of snow at times...Dinner, and then all too familiar drive homeIt felt amazing to get out on a mountain again. I can't believe this was only my second time out this year... I'll have to fix that in the near future...


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