Today, I took advantage of the extremely warm weather (-1°C) and headed out by myself to one of our beautiful National Parks to make use of one of the amazing 13Km loops for a bit of nordic skiing.

It was an absolutely beautiful day! It must have snowed about 5cm last night, covering the trails and giving them an amazing untouched look. Around the 1Km mark, I ran into a National Park Warden on a snowmobile informing me that he had just finished setting fresh new tracks, and that I was the first person to be skiing it.

It's unreal how many animal had already crossed the freshly groomed trail. It reminds you quickly that even though you're basically in the middle of nowhere with no other humans around, you are definitely not alone in the forest.

Unreal conditions, perfect temperature, and I was even lucky enough to see a few bison on my 2hr journey.

I feel extremely lucky to have had such a perfect day outdoors...


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