Well, today was officially a snow day. It has snowed an unbelievable amount in the last 24hrs. Honestly, I really like it. It's been a long time since I've seen a snow storm like this, which seemed quite common when we were growing up.

If you look closely, you can see the small bottom layer of snow pack from the whole winter to date on our bird feeder, and then the HUGE pile of fresh snow sitting on top of it.Both of my consultations canceled this morning, Danny's client canceled this morning... but if any client is going to show up despite the 20cm of new snow, my client Rodney will. I'm pretty sure now he has some not so secret goal of having his whole upper torso tattooed in under 2 years, and he's well on his way to accomplishing that goal.

I started tattooing Rodney over a year ago now, and so far we've tattooed in this order, a sleeve, one side of his ribs, his backpiece, the other side of his ribs, and now are only about 2-3 sessions away from completing his second sleeve. When that's done, all that's left will be his chest. Crazy... He come in every week or two, rain or shine (or blizzard as I found out today) and basically goes to sleep while I tattoo him for 3-4 hrs at a time. AWESOME client.

I didn't really get good photos of what we worked on today, but that's ok because it was mainly just background. Here's a picture of his forearm, one of the first sessions we shaded out.I know most people probably visit this blog to see tattoo photos, so there you go. Now... back to snow day...

Teagan and I both had to work on shoveling the walks today, team effort! There was so much snow, and it's still falling... That was probably about 4hrs ago, and if I look outside my window right now, it's completely covered over again.... when your in a snowbank waist deep, the only logical thing to do is...
...fall backwards.I love this photo of Teagan. She did some falling into snowbanks as well.

So after all the walks are shoveled and you're surrounded by huge snowbanks, and you're already covered in snow from falling back into them, the next logical step is obvious... ...finding anything possible to jump off of into said snowbanks....look closely at this next photo, those are my feet straight up in the air as I'm buried in snow...... as soon as I landed, I could not stop laughing, uncontrollably......it was nearly impossible to get out of. Anyone who's been stuck in a large amount of snow knows that when you try to push yourself up, your arms and legs just sink and you go nowhere fast. It didn't help at all that every time I tried to get up and couldn't, I'd just start laughing so hard and have to lay back in the snow until I stopped to make another attempt.I have to say, it was the most amazingly fun thing I've done in a while. It took me right back to being a kid, jumping in snowbanks off decks, fences, sheds, garages...anything our parents would let us climb. Such a simple thing, yet so much fun. I love the snow.

It's still snowing and will most likely continue all night... I have another pile I'm working on building up right next to the garage...


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