Kanji Carpet

Reader Gert emails from Belgium:

"Hi! I got this carpet thingy from a friend but he didn't know what it meant & neither do I since I cant read Kanji :) Would you be so kind to tell me what I've got hanging on my wall? And if I put it up the right way.. :/ I'm very anxious to know what it means, thanks again!"

In the original image Gert has send me, the carpet was placed top side down. The characters on the carpet are correctly written Japanese phrases, although they do appear random.

= 10,000 years, also known as "banzai"
= beautiful, pretty; pleasing
= miniature plants, also known as "bonsai"
= sacrifice to, worship, festival
= way of harmony with the universe, also known as "aikido"
= victory; excel, be better than
= to look at, look forward; to hope, expect
= Japan; Japanese
= ice, frost, icicles; cold
= pray for happiness or blessings
= empty handed, weaponless, also known as "karate"
= wine, spirits, liquor, alcoholic beverage


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