Condo Tiles

Reader Michael Bolduc emails:

"Tian, I am a realtor and these are in a condo a client of mine wants to buy. He's not wild about the tile mosaic around these tiles and is considering removing the whole thing. These tiles are on the facing of the breakfast bar. Do they say what is reported in English? Thanks for your help."

I have never seen "family" is referred as "". Usually is translated as "family".

= also, too; likewise
= make; work; compose, write; act, perform

Despite the poor calligraphy, this tile was my personal favorite. The character shown is the simplified version of , which means "hot". Mixing the Chinese character with the English caption, the tile is "hot love". This tile would be a good sell on eBay.

Bad calligraphy, correct characters and translation.

=luck(ily), favor, fortunately
= happiness, good fortune, blessing

This one is correct as well.

= life, living, lifetime; birth
= long; length; excel in; leader


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