Bewitch Hero Energy

Many tattoo shops prohibit any photographs to be taken in their shops. I never really asked why but have always assumed it has something to do with copyrights. It always makes me cringe whenever I see template displays in tattoo shops with incorrect translation and wrongly written characters.

Thanks to Flickr user “Shadowbox”, I found the photo shown above.

The character with caption “to bewitch” is not necessarily correct. The Japanese 化かす does have “to bewitch” as one of its meanings, but the character by itself only means “to change” or “to convert”, and “reaction” in Chemistry. 蠱惑 is often used to describe “bewitch”.

The last character in “hero” appeared to be mirrored. The three characters only mean “main character”. If you ever stepped foot in a DVD store, you will know “hero” is , there is even a movie with the same title was made starring Jet Li.

The “energy” character means “to survive” or “to exist”. Usually is used to represent “energy” in terms of “Chi” or “Qi”, and is used to represent physical energy.

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