"Lower Class"

Scott wants to have several characters tattooed on him.

In his first email, he explains:

“This is a tattoo that I want to get Number 4. In the center it is suppose to say ‘family love.’ On the left, I have two names, ‘Zoe’ on top and ‘Angie’ at bottom. On the right, I have two names, ‘Grady’ on top and ‘Jordan’ at bottom.”

Surprised by the translator’s choice of using as “Jordan”, I asked Scott if that was a mistake.

下流 【かりゅう】 (n) downstream; lower reaches of a river; lower classes

He replied in a second email that this was indeed not a mistake. He also told me he got the translations from Eri Takase.

Either Ms. Takase needs an updated lesson on Japanese/Chinese language, or she should brush up on professional ethics.


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