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Yesterday all I had booked was this small cover up.
So after, I went for a 4 hr bike ride. It was great. From Millcreek to Goldbar Park, across to Rundle Park, down Ada Blvd over to the museum to meet up with Teagan, for a ride home together.

Today I tattooed Brad's elbow. He took it like a champ.

It's always fun to get mail. Excited about "grape" and "light grape."
This is the biggest sharps container I've ever seen. 8 quarts.
And some random bandaging items. Probably boring for you, fun for me.

My bike currently has a $10 plastic, old, stella saddle, which was murder on my behind yesterday on my 4hr ride. Also sad to say, last year I experienced far more saddle sores than I'd care to speak of. Those two facts, combined with Teagan going on about how comfortable her new saddle on her new bike is, I invested in a Brooks today.
Teagan and I also decided to day was the day for FIRST BBQ OF 2009. I went to get the propane tank for a fill up and was happily surprised to find a box hidden by the mailman. 2 new sets of super comfy plastic double clips.
I like how they came as a gift, marked "hat" valued at $10.
Like I said- FIRST BBQ 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBQ, BC beer, BC wine.... life is good.....


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