Michael Cera Tattoo

Michael Cera is still playing in the buzzband Mister Heavenly in order for the band to keep getting buzz headlines even though no1 cares about their music and fans just go to 'stand close 2 some1 famous.' I am not sure if this is a good career move for Michael Cera, but he does seem to be getting a lot of blog buzz, so you have to assume the band is seeing a little bit of buzz dollars that they can hopefully parlay into an above-average Pitchfork review.

Anyways, the band played a show at Rice University, which I have heard is for people from Texas who are 'too scared'/too afraid 2 leave Texas in order to go to an Ivy League School. As u can see in the picture, he has a neck tattoo. There is no confirmation as to whether or not this is real or fake. Previously, he got 'really tatted up', but he either got those removed or it was just a sillie internet meme [link].

Do u think Michael Cera has more indie cred now that he has a totally authentic prison neck tattoo?
What is on his tattoo? Is it the Virgin Mary?
Is Michael Cera about to 'get swole' and start wearing sleeveless shirts to showcase his tattoos??
Do u miss his red beanie?
Is Michael Cera ur 'dream man'?
Do u think he has tons of secret tattoos all over his body?
Is Rice University 'totally alt' for 'booking' Michael Cera's buzzband, or are they 'totally mnstrm'?
Is Houston 'the new Austin'


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