miley cyrus tattoo

Everyone know miley cyrus she is gorgeous hollywood Singer,Model and actress. Cyrus' image as a naive and innocent girl in the series Walt Disney's' Hannah Montana 'has now turned into artist full of controversy and sensation. Various problems are often washed over her. Cyrus also seems eager to delete images from the artist's youth to adulthood. Various efforts were done. Including by creating two new tattoos on his body. Even some of the Hollywood media would follow in the footsteps of Cyrus think Kat Von D, Jesse James that his fiancee was carved with a lot of tattoos. Miley Cyrus reportedly increased the number of new tattoo with the symbol 'dream catcher' in the torso. His tattoo is depicted with the symbol of the four feathers.

"Tattooing was taken from a painting that hung above the bed of Miley Cyrus, pictorial 4 feathers to represent the four brothers," said a close friend of the artist's 18 years at People Magazine. So today, the artist has ever caught on camera smoking a cigarette through the bong, a total of 5 pieces tattoo etched on his body. Among other liver image, the image of the cross, the word 'Love' behind the ear and one sentence "just breathe" in the nape of her neck.

Miley Cyrus's parents claim can not prohibit the beloved princess desires. Because after all, Cyrus spent money on tattoos are from his personal pocket. And no one can stop him to do that.


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