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Here's yesterdays tattoos, a day late considering I fell asleep just before 10pm last night. I'm exhausted.

Today was day 10 of working with out a day off.... 2 more days to go... If you're math skills are as good as mine, which are quite poor, I'll help you out. On Monday, that will makes 12 days of tattooing in a row....I worked on Katina's 1/2 sleeve to start the day yesterday. I only expected to work on it for a few hrs, but she had other plans. We finished it, with the exception of touch ups and a bit of background to even things off. The healed areas vs the fresh areas are fairly obvious.Then I worked on Nicole's 1/2 sleeve. We coloured the frog, sun, and a bit of the background before I hit the wall. Today I started my day with a small 9:30am apt for a friend. Kevin had his first patent approved, and wanted to mark his achievement with a new tattoo. Super Sailor Jerry traditional fun. Yup, that's the inside of his knee...
I also worked on my friend Rodney's backpiece today, but was too tired by the end of the session to take photos.

Last apt of the day was a last minute cancellation. Normally that frustrates the hell out of me, especially since I went to work early to fit a friend in and could have tattooed Kevin at 3pm instead of 9:30am if my client had given me more notice, but I was able to go home a bit early, and rest up for tomorrow.

I have nothing else to say... I'm tired and going to sleep now...


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