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I've worked a whole bunch over the last week, mainly to make up for the few days I'll be out of town coming up

Here's a recap-

Wednesday the 16th of June I worked on Matt's chest. He was having a good day and finished up all the colour.My second apt that day was to add a tree frog to Vanessa's 3/4 Sleeve-
Thursday the 17th I worked on Mikes sleeve. We coloured the inside and back of his upper arm. This was his third sitting-
Friday the 18th, yes indeed.... Mike again. We coloured clouds, and his elbow....As well as one of th roses on his forearm
Second appointment that day, I coloured a bit of background on Olga's bird sleeve. Inside of her arm... I don't think she liked me much that day...
Saturday the 19th, I did a small David Choe whale on Noel's leg-
... and then had the rest of the day off. It was beautiful outside that day, so I really didn't mind

Sunday the 20th, I tattooed the whole day, but didn't get good pictures... oh well...

Monday the 21st, worked on Darryl's sleeve. Again, no photos.

The afternoon, I worked on Tylers Lancaster a bit more. It's insane how fast he's getting this done considering the placement of the tattoo-Tuesday the 22nd I had the day off. I took the car in to get tuned up and cleaned for the upcoming road trip.

And finally today, Wednesday the 23rd.... Again... Mike. We coloured his ditch and another forearm rose. If anyone's keeping track, Mike started his sleeve Thursday the 10th, that's 12 days ago. That's 5 sittings in 12 days. Crazy.... Unfortunately we're both out of town next week, so we'll finish it up the second week of July. Amazing.


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