First day in Penticton.   Started the day by heading down to the studio to unload my shop supplies.  This was pretty epic.  Shopping cart?  Hell no,  how about a canoe for empties?
So..... I didn't end up getting out to the mountains much this season... so it was nice to end the season with  bang.  Kai took me up to his home mountain this afternoon.  I'd never been up to Apex Mountain in all the years I've been coming out to Penticton.
It was also the first time in years that I'd actually gone snowboading with someone other than myself.   Riding with Kai was amazing because he's really, really good.  He rides so fast and aggressive, it's amazing.  We started the day with a pretty fun black run, and then rode doubble black the rest of the day.  Conditions were unreal, there was SO much snow, and so much of it fresh and untracked.  We met up with Kai's friend Tyler and watching them attack the mountain was unreal. 
The double black runs are so steep, and the trees are super tight.  So fun.   Look at all of that snow.
They obioulsy know the moutain like the back of their hands, and just charge everything.  It was the first time in a long time I was struggleing to keep up with someone, and super fun push myself to keep up and try different things.   Apex is amazing, the terrain is unbelievable and like nothing I'd riden before.  I will definitely be makeing a few trips out next season.  One of the best days riding of my life.


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