Tattoo Artist Magazine is the only tattoo magazine worth buying these days.  I guess the only problem for the general public is they consider it a "trade" magazine, meaning you can only buy it from tattoo supply companies and only if you are a tattooist.  So most people never get to see it....

Anyways... I ordered the new copy of TAM last week and was pleasantly surprised to see that I sort of have a piece of art in it! 

Last March, Deadly Tattoos in Calgary hosted a skateboard art show.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it down to the opening party, but I did submit 2 decks that I had painted.  There was a bit of a rumor that Tattoo Artist Magazine may run an article on the show... and I guess a year later, they did.

One of the decks I painted made the article!  I'm extremely flattered since they only had photos of 24 of the skateboards, and over 60 were submitted and hung for the the show.  Pretty neat!  The unfortunate part is that the magazine decided not to credit anyone of the artists skateboards they published.  So I have a skateboard in the new TAM, but no one will ever know it's mine....

I'm not picky... I'll take whatever I can get!  If anyone wants to see the skateboard I painted up close,  it's sitting above my booth at the studio.

I actually just checked their website and you can read the article and see a better photo here

Big thanks to either TAM or Deadly Tattoos for choosing to include me! 


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