Today was a long day.... The first tattoo I did was earlier this morning, a quick script piece on Tammie's forearm that took just over an hour.  I took photos but there's a huge flash burn going right through the middle...

Then I had to wait a few hours until my good friend Jon came in to add another piece to his arm.  Without even telling him, I just took the liberty of shaving his Mom heart and dagger so I could get a healed photo.  Hopefully he doesn't read this blog because next time I tattoo him I'm going to jump back down there and touch it up a bit.
Then we spend a bit of time adding a piece in his ditch.  When I don't get much direction from the client as to what to draw and how it should look... things get tend to get a bit weird....  Jon's awesome because he's always down to get crazy stuff done in crazy colours.  He's definitely real man and not scared to have a bunch of pink in his tattoos.  Next session we'll add a bit of color to the bottom jaw and colour the other rose.
Unfortunately I didn't take photos of the new flash I'll have for sale and upload them to the web shop tonight.  Teagan and I went to visit our friend's new apartment after work and now it's late and now I'm tired.  Soon...


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