I don't have any photos to post tonight... or videos... just this story.

Now that it's summer, I love going for walks around our neighborhood at night.  I went out on my own for about an hour or so last night.  Came across a lot of Monday night balcony parties, a full on heavy metal/hardcore show going on in a random house's garage, and a couple in their late 40's/early 50's sitting out front of their apartment smoking and enjoying some lowest common denominator beers.  The conversation I had with them was short as I was walking the whole time,  but a gem and is as follows-

Woman- Hey, why is do you have your hair up in a bun, it looks stupid.
 Me- ...ummmm...
 Woman- Guys with their hair tied up look stupid.
 Man- (giggles)
 Me- Okay
 Woman- Hey, you want to smoke this joint with us?
 Me- No thank-you, I'm good.
 Woman- What's your fackin' problem, you go to university or something?
 Me- No, I don't go to university
 Woman-... Yea... You look like you go to university...

(Man and woman both drunk laugh and high five.)


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