Bad news today... we still have a plumbing leak at the house... BOOOOOOOOOO....

Good news today... all of my clients showed up for their appointments so I have tattoo photos for show and tell today.  YEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Leanna came in for the first time in a while to have her fruit sleeve worked on today.  Haven't been tattooed in a while... well... let's do something that will feel crappy, like the orange on her elbow to get her back into it.
My second appointment today was my good friend Adam.  I started tattooing Adam... maybe 10... 11 years ago... definitely with in my first few years tattooing.  At that time, he got a half sleeve which was by far the biggest tattoo I'd ever done.  It's been quite a while and most of the color is faded so I'm doing what I can to fix it up and put the colour back into his arm.  We worked on this little King Kong today.  It's definitely an old drawing, but it was pretty fun to recolour after all of these years.
And today's bonus photo- My favorite client and now friend Josh stopped by to drop off and invite to a party she's having.  She was a bit pressed for time, but was awesome enough to make 2 minutes available so I could take a few quick photos of her healed boxer girl on her ribs.
 Super extra bonus photo... This guy arrived today and stopped by the shop to drop off his gear and get a bit set up for tattooing tomorrow.  Ollie came over after I was done work and put his bike together so he has transportation for the next week.  Super awesome seeing Ollie again.  It's going to be a fun week!


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