Worked at the computer today... all... day... long...  Photoshop.... ugh...

But the good thing is that I'm almost done going through over 2 years of raw picture files and editing 4-5 pictures into one.  I need to take a few more healed photos of certain tattoos, and then I'll finally be ready to print a new portfolio and do a massive update to my website.   I'm setting myself a deadline for next week.

By next Wednesday, I want to have everything done and sent off to the printers.  It's such an easy trap to fall into;  saying to yourself "I'll just wait until I get photos of this tattoo, then I'll print a new book... I'll just wait until I get healed photos of THIS tattoo... and then I'll update the website..."  So no more waiting.  By next Wednesday, a new book will be in the works.

Here's one of many photos that will be included.  Neal's sleeve has been done for.... well... a long time now.... No reason not to have photos of it up.


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