First day on the new work schedule.  I'm now working 4 days a week at the studio tattooing, one day a week at home drawing, and 2 days off.

So today was drawing day at the home office.  I'd say it went fairly well... I started working on drawings around 8:30am and worked solid though to about 3:00pm.  I picked Teagan up from school and then came home and drew for about another hour.   The day felt longer than I expected it would....

I guess my expectations were a bit high as to how many drawings I thought I could get done in a day... but I still managed to get 3 done for this week and a fourth 80% done.  Not bad.... So it's looking like this week I won't have any late nights or early morning drawing sessions.

Teagan took this photo of me finishing up a line copy just before dinner. 

Instagram is awesome.  If you use said app, add me @  shawnoconnor


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