So last night I started a Facebook page for my tattoo... stuff.  Teagan set up my "personal" page probably about a year ago now... and I never use it.

However, lately I've had a bunch of people adding me, and I never check my friend requests.   Sometimes they're clients and ask why I haven't accepted their friend request. This is exactly why I have a blog and why I chose to use blogger.

I HATE the whole "friend" thing.  To me, it's dumb... adding friends, deleting friends... I'm not in High School anymore,  and I'm just not into it.

I have a blog, if you want to read my blog, awesome.  If you want to follow my blog, awesome.  You click the follow button, done.  I don't have to add people, I don't have to accept friend requests, nothing's hidden or set to "private",  I just post, and if people chose to look at it or read it, awesome. 

However, I do have to accept the fact that more people use Facebook.  So hopefully the Facebook pages fixes the "adding friends" problem.  If you want to follow me on Facebook, follow the link, and click the "Like" button.  I will still be using my blog as my primary outlet, the Facebook page will just offer another option.

However you chose to stay in touch and check out what I'm up to,   I do sincerely appreciate it and thank-you so much for showing interest in my work.  



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