Remembered the memory card today, so here's yesterday's doings.  This is Samantha's first tattoo.   Pretty epic, both in size and subject matter.  Peonies and a junebug, so awesome.  She wasn't super happy towards the end, so I just grey lined most of the bug.  We'll go back and reline those areas next time.
Today, finished the "first pass" of Amy's deer.  We'll go back and do touch ups in about a month or so.  I'm thinking I'll also add a drop shadow under the finger waves so they pop a bit more.  Always a crazy day when you finish a big tattoo... I can tell you that Amy sure was happy!  Finishing your backpiece is definitely a major accomplishment.
Second appointment today was shading out the background of Morgan's 1/2 sleeve.   Super fun shading out clouds and wind bars.  Excited to work on this again in a few weeks.


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