So... my memory card is missing... I'll work on that tomorrow... the good thing is there are no "portfolio" photos on it, just a bunch of blog photos which have already been posted.  So today's photos are courtesy of Teagan's point and shoot. 

It was my Friday at the studio and what a great Friday it was!  All nature stuff, all day!  Flowers, and birds, and purple background windy stuff, and leaves... so awesome. 

Tattooed my buddy Steve for the first appointment of the day.  Finished all of the background and branches/ pine cones.  Just one bird left and then a bit of add on up top in the empty space.  I didn't tattoo the bass player, and I'm to lazy to blur it out tonight....
Then, Steve wanted to get his lower toes tattooed.  No problem.  I love doing fun impromptu tattoos!  I'd be impressed if someone knew what he got, and yes, using Google search is cheating.   If you know, and aren't a cheater, leave a comment.
Second appointment was Tracey's "cover up".  Cover ups work best when the new tattoo is larger than the area that needs to be covered... I'd say we got it.  Big tattoo, and she sat like a champ, so I was able to fly through the outline faster then I expected we would.   Super awesome when someone sits like a rock while getting this area tattooed.  Nice work Tracey!


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