Mail day!  Three of my machines are back from Portland and ready for action.  The green one needed an RCA mount, the brown/blue I bought off another tattooist a while ago and needed to be sent back to be retuned to it's original state, and the pink/black one got a complete rebuild, including new hardware, fixed tube vice, smoothed out frame, and awesome neon pink/black fade.  Awesome because I just told Seth to do whatever he wanted for the rebuild using neon pink.  Nice to get a surprise in the mail!
And another nice surprise today, Justin texted me this photo.  He was at his parents house and found an old flyer I made for Jesse and I back in the Free Range Studio days.  Justin was probably my #1 client at that time.  The best part was he lived in Edmonton, while the studio was in Vancouver.  If you get it... you get it...  If you don't get it... to bad... 
Seeing it made me miss my little studio...


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