Today was one of those rare and super special days where almost everything went right at the studio.  Super fun one shot tattoos, super awesome clients, tones of creative freedom from the client, my stencils went on great and stayed on even better through out the tattoo, machines were working the best they have been in a long time.... just a really fun day.

First tattoo I did today was on my friend Dan's hand. Tattooed a super fun compass with "Born to Run" in banners.  The only problem I had all day was that I finished the tattoo, took photos, bandaged him up and said goodbye, only to find my camera's memory card sitting in the back room.  Yup... took about 10 photos,  and I have nothing to show for it.... Why in the world does my camera let me take photos when there is no memory card in it?  You'd think it would not let me take any photos and might give me some indication as to why.... oh well...

Second tattoo of the day was this blue Jesus on Scott.  Didn't exactly get the best photo, but at least it saved to a memory card, and at least I have photos to show...


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