First day back at the studio after about a week off.  I'm always amazed how easy tattooing seems after a long period of time off.  Everything just seems to work better than it did before taking a break.  My stencil went on perfect, machines were running great... I guess even tattoo machines need a bit of time off...

Anyways... Today I tattooed this fun Dr Seuss piece on Naissa's foot.  Kinda crappy photos since it's fresh, but I'm really happy with how the tattoo turned out.  It was a really fun tattoo to work on. ( and obviously the infinity symbol/numbers we there before and not done by me)
Revolution Cycle hooked me up with a few free tubes since my bike came with 2 flats
It's always a good Idea to try something new at dusk, right?  Trying to figure things out in the dark?  Great idea...
Teagan took this photo with Instagram.   If your an iPhone nerd, download this app, it's amazing.  I'm not sure how to post a direct link, but your can follow either of us.  Our user names are teaganbeglaw and shawnoconnor.
The new bike has an internally geared hub, which made it a bit tricky to figure out how to change the rear tire, but I think I got it... I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I ride it to work...


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