So... I bought a bike today... Teagan and I live a bit further away from the shop than the last house we rented, and I really miss commuting on a bike.  The last 3 years, I've tried to commute the summers as much as possible on a few different fixed gear bikes.  Even though I do have a lot of fun riding a fixed gear bike, there are definitely a few draw back for commuting on one where we currently live, like the fact that Edmonton is the most UNFRIENDLY city to commute on a bike by having horrible roads and even worse drivers, as well as being drenched in sweat when arriving to work.   Visiting Amsterdam this year obviously completely changed every view I had about bicycles and commuting daily on bikes.  So it was time for a change.

Revolution Cycle is right next door to our studio, and in my opinion, by far the best bike shop in town.  They always have a huge selection and amazing staff.  Hiding in the basement, I found the only remaining Globe Live 2, and since it was last years model it was a great price.  After a few test rides to compare it to the Haul model, I was confident it was exactly what I was looking for in a commuter bike this year.  This obviously isn't a pic of my actual bike.   I'll take a few pictures of it in the daylight tomorrow.  I'm super excited for a summer of riding comfortably on a bike, not wearing a backpack, coasting and using multiple gears.


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