I forgot to post this the other day.  Awesome drawing by a hungover Teagan of how I felt most of the plane ride home... It was pretty rough... especially the take off and the first big bank turn... extra points for the drawing being on the air sickness bag.
So today was the first day trying to avoid using the car.  Other than driving Teagan to school this morning, I did everything on my new bike today.

Went to Safeway and bought a backpack full of groceries.
Rode it to my massage/chiro appointment and saved almost 20 mins compared to driving and trying to find parking.  Oh right... also saved $5 on parking that I would have spent driving my car.
Picked up a second cable to lock up my front wheel on the way home and bought beer for a bit of BBQ tonight.  Crushed the beer box, but that doesn't effect the beer in any way.
I was really excited to ride to work tomorrow...however... I should have figured this out when I found the bike in the basement at Revolution Cycle yesterday... Like I said, it was last years model, and when we pulled it out from the rack, both tires were flat.  I found a bike pump and filled them up for a test ride and didn't think about it again...

...Those flats should have been a huge red light... both tires have flats and I don't have any tubes to change them tonight.  Unfortunately I'm not exactly confident I can cross the city without them deflating....


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