Often times when tattooing, a client will bring a friend and as some point they'll ask me "I really want to get tattooed but it's not a sleeve or back piece, so who should I go get tattooed by?" I say "Well, me if you'd like." They're usually quite surprised and ask "but I thought you only did really big pieces. You mean you'll tattoo something that only takes a couple of hours? I feel bad, like I'm wasting your time."

In fact, the opposite is true. I actually really enjoy doing one shot tattoos that can be completed in that 1 to 4 hour range. Hell, I'll even tattoo something that takes 5 minutes if that's what the client wants.

So much time and energy goes into completing a larger tattoo, and that's if the client follows though and actually gets the tattoo finished. Smaller tattoos that can be done in one sitting are super fun, and really rewarding.

So yes, please. I don't only work on large scale designs. I'd say I'd be more than happy if my bookings were 50% larger tattoos, and 50% one shot tattoos that can be completed in one sitting.

Having said that, I tattooed a really fun one shot tattoo on my friend Tammie today. Obviously the photos are really fresh and have a ton of flash burn, but we'll get healed photos in about a month when she comes back to have her other arm tattooed. I also worked quite a bit on setting up the web store today. It should be good to go tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.


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