Elbow day today at the studio which is never a fun day for myself or the client. Elbows are my least favorite part of doing a sleeve, I know it really hurts the client yet I know it's an area that can't rushed. I usually prefer to slow down a bit and make sure it's in there so I don't have many touch ups if at all possible.

Dan's sleeve is coming together quickly now and we should be done everything including touch ups in one or at most two more sessions. It's always awesome when a small area gets filled and changes the tattoo completely. We maybe tattooed for 3hrs today and that small section made the tattoo look so much more full and complete. Really exciting when that happens.
I also worked on my friend Adam's lower half sleeve today, but didn't get any good photos. Way too shinny, but that's okay. His tattoo is so ridiculously crazy that I'm going to wait until it's completely finished to post photos.


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