Really fun Sunday at the studio. I tattooed the back of my buddy Noel's leg this morning. Noel usually has crazy ideas that he wants to combine into one tattoo. This time we outlined a fox head in a sunburst, with a human figure from the cover of a book that he didn't like, being shot with arrows. We decided to do the figure with fairly dynamic colours, so I added a few really simple traditional roses at the bottom for balance.

The really fun part today was drawing on leaves to connect to a tattoo on the front of his shin. I stepped away from the normal leaves I draw behind roses most of the time and tried something new that I was extremely happy with. Really happy with the outline of the fox as well.

Noel wanted to stop after the outline so he could work tomorrow, and I'm totally fine with that. Unfortunately every picture I took was out of focus. This was the best one, run through a few Photoshop filters to sharpen the image.This afternoon I finished a tattoo of an old 50's Mercury, but today was my Friday and was to impatient to wait for the tattoo to stop weeping so I could take a photo. She'll be back in about a month for photos and touch ups.

Tomorrow my day off and it will be spent finishing a commissioned painting for a client. Pretty excited about that as well.


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