Here's another tattoo that's a few months old now. Tracy came in today so I could get a few healed photos of her starfish and seashell. Sounds like we'll be making it into a 3/4 sleeve in the not to distant future. Today's morning appointment was a small touch up and my afternoon was spent finishing flowers with flourishes. I didn't get photos, but for a good reason.

The last few days the lower right side of my back has been feeling pretty crappy, and today it would seem it had it's breaking point. The last hour of tattooing today was actually quite horrible, and that feeling seems to be continuing through the night.

Basically it is almost unbearable to sit down, stand up, bend down, twist, etc. It's now a wave of pain extending from my mid back to just past my right knee... not good.

The absolute worst part is that my Dad and I were supposed to leave tomorrow to spend the night in Banff so we could go nordic skiing Monday. We'll see what tomorrow holds...


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